The Procedure


The teeth whitening technician may apply lip protection cream to the lips.

The teeth whitening technician will open the exclusive The Teeth Whitening Shop tooth whitening formula.  The technician will then hand you the unique soft flex teeth whitening tray, you will be asked to bite in to the soft flex tray slowly and firmly. Depending on your smile this may cover 16 or more of the upper and lower teeth.


520 nanometers high intensity laser light. (*Not LED, the Teeth Whitening Shop laser is a Class 1 medical device.)

The teeth whitening technician will ask you to lean back in the treatment chair, positioning the laser device as close as possible to the mouth ensuring that the light is at a 90-degree angle to the tooth whitening surface. Positioning the laser to the side of the treatment chair and then lowering the laser head down over the your head, this allows for the most accurate positioning possible when performing a teeth whitening procedure.

The teeth whitening technician will adjust the treatment cycle timer to the desired treatment time using the SET TIME +/-buttons. Once desired time is selected, the technician will press the START button to begin the treatment cycle.

At this point you may wish to put on your music device or video for entertainment during the treatment time — allowing our clients to enjoy a relaxing whitening procedure is standard practice. NOTE: The treatment cycle countdown can be paused or canceled at any time during the treatment should you wish to use the bathroom or make an important phone call.  If paused, time will not be reset or lost ensuring you get maximum time during your teeth whitening experience.

After the treatment cycle is completed,  the laser will beep twice and the laser will turn off automatically.

The teeth whitening technician will move the laser head unit away from your head, at this stage the tooth whitening technician will provide you with paper towels wipe off the exclusive whitening gel from the surface of your teeth.


You will then be asked to remove the soft flex mouth tray and protective eye wear and rinse your mouth with water.


Using the tooth whitening shade guide, the tooth whitening technician will show you the change in your tooth colour as recorded previously. Most clients achieve 10-16 shades lighter.

After the procedure you will be instructed to avoid tea, coffee, red wine and other staining food and drinks for a period of 24 hours.


• Pregnant or lactating women or persons under the age of 16 are not recommended to undergo the advanced laser teeth whitening procedure.

• Within the 24 hours after the procedure, you should avoid coloured foods and drinks. Use of tobacco products is prohibited.


•  The Teeth Whitening Shop Whitening Gel is not suitable for clients with known allergy or chemical sensitivity to peroxides or glycols.


Ask your practitioner about maintenance plans and special offers. Some clients whiten their teeth every summer or Christmas,  others whiten every two years. The Teeth Whitening Shop offers up to 70% off treatments for returning clients. *terms and conditions apply*


• It is safe to swallow your saliva during the treatment.

• If the whitening product comes into contact with your gum during the treatment, the pink tissue may turn white during the treatment. This will fade in a few hours following the treatment and is not cause for concern.

• Depending on your diet, oral hygiene, and use of tobacco products, periodic touch¬up treatments may be necessary to maintain your new, white smile.



For some clients, especially those with teeth speckled with fluoride, the whitening may not look completely even following the treatment. Under close inspection, there may be small spots on the teeth that are lighter or darker than other parts of the tooth. The whitening gel will continue to penetrate and the teeth will obtain a more even whiteness and shine after 24 hours. This is due to the many layers in the structure of the teeth.

Teeth with medium to severe tetracycline stains, other antibiotic stains, or teeth speckled by fluoride may see a slight “rebound” or loss of some of the whitening results (one to two shades) in the 48 hours following the first treatment. The improvement in colour will be stable after a second treatment.